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Greetings from Trinity High School!

Trinity High School has blessed my life in many ways since I arrived in 9th grade in 1981. Over nearly 40 years, I have been a Trinity student, teacher, and parent, and now I serve as the school’s first alumni principal. Trinity has transformed my life.

As a student, Trinity encouraged my development in every way, in keeping with the school’s motto–“Ad Summum Bonum” (“To the Highest Good”). My relationship with God, the “Highest Good,” began within these halls. Each day I saw peers who were unashamed to express their faith and teachers who served sacrificially. I developed gifts in academics because I was challenged to reach my personal best. I enjoyed the opportunity to compete in athletics and to pursue practically any interest I had in extracurricular activities. These core features of Trinity High School—faith, rigorous academics, and extracurricular opportunities—abide in this learning community to this day.

Still, a lot has changed. Trinity now offers 13 Advanced Placement courses, along with dual-credit classes through Alvernia University and hundreds of courses through Virtual High School. Our storied athletic program of 20 varsity sports has expanded in just the last decade to include wrestling and lacrosse. And our students now benefit from expanded opportunities to live their faith through a service program and opportunities like the Kairos retreat.

For most seniors, Kairos represents a highlight of their Trinity experience. Based on the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius Loyola, Kairos has ignited the spirit of our students with God’s love for more than a generation. At no other school in our area would graduates list a spiritual retreat as a highlight of adolescence. Kairos helps Trinity change lives.

Most recently Trinity has added the House System. This new school structure relies primarily on student leadership and initiative to create an engaged community featuring healthy socialization and mentoring. The first year has seen students deeply invested in their peers and their school community.

At its heart, Trinity is concerned with the whole student—body, mind, and spirit. Each student is known by name and builds our family while reaching “to the Highest Good.” Welcome, and God bless you!

John W. Cominsky ’85, P’15

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