Why Trinity

“To anyone considering a Trinity education: do it. Trinity manages to maintain academic excellence while also leaving time for fun. The activities during the school day and extracurriculars build the strongest school spirit in the area. The atmosphere at Trinity is truly unique in how closely knit the student body is.”

— Katy Anne Chambers ’22

Why Trinity?

Trinity High School offers a rigorous college preparatory education and a rich student life experience rooted in Catholic Tradition. We are the only high school in South Central Pennsylvania to offer the house system – a unique European educational model which fosters mentorship, collaboration, and connection between students of all grades.  Since 1963, Trinity has been educating students holistically – mind, body and spirit – as we strive to both nurture and challenge every young person as they grow to become exceptional women and men.  Join us and discover the pride, passion, and purpose that is Trinity High School.

The Value of Trinity High School

Make an investment today in your child’s tomorrow. Trinity’s graduating Class of 2021 not only had a 99% college attendance rate, but the students also earned over $8.3 million in merit based aid. Our students were accepted to more than 160 unique colleges and universities including selective institutions such as Clemson University, New York University, the US Naval Academy, and Texas A&M.

Our alumni have gone on to have prestigious vocations in law, medicine, engineering, business, the arts, and in the Church. Our alumni have gone on to start technology companies, perform service around the world, and champion for social justice in their communities. See more about what our alumni do after leaving Trinity on our school blog.

What Makes Trinity Special?


The House System at Trinity shifted the culture of the school, changing it fundamentally from other schools in the area. Students are encouraged to grow as leaders, through opportunities ranging from mentor group leader to planning events and programs. The House System gives students ownership of their high school experience while building character, relationships, and school spirit. Focus on smaller communities, friendly competition, and integration of various grade levels brings a different atmosphere to Trinity, one that strives to include each student and bring out their best.


Athletics at Trinity are some of the most competitive in the area. With long traditions of success in sports like basketball, we are also growing young programs and seeing success across the board. In 2020-2021, five of our teams were Mid Penn Champions (girls tennis, girls volleyball, boys swimming, girls basketball, boys lacrosse), and 3 teams were District Champions (volleyball, girls basketball, boys lacrosse). Individuals won District titles, too, including Kari Powell ’23 in the 100m breaststroke, and Adeline Woodward ’24 in pole vault. Trinity also laid claim to two PIAA State titles, one from our girls volleyball team, and one from Kari Powell in the 100m breaststroke. Go Rocks!


A commitment to serving others is at the heart of the Trinity experience, with the lessons from theology class put into action for those in need. The importance of service is integrated in our House System, which features House charities chosen by students and service projects which students sponsor. One of the most popular events at Trinity is THON, which more than 90% of the student body participates in and raises tens of thousands of dollars for those affected by pediatric cancer. Our service program is a graduation requirement, ensuring that all students perform at least 20 hours of service annually.


Trinity has secured agreements with nearly 20 faith-based college and universities, guaranteeing qualified students acceptance and merit-based scholarships. Also included in some of our agreements, are acceptance into entry-level programs, including: Doctor of Physical Therapy, Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Master of Speech-Language Pathology, Engineering, and Physician’s Assistant. With 98% of Trinity students advancing to post-secondary education, college acceptance and the financial means to attend are on the minds of nearly every one of our families. These partnerships make it clear: the investment in a Trinity education, is an investment in your student’s future.


How many teenagers do you know who cite a four-day religious retreat as the highlight of their high school experience? At Trinity, most graduates since 1998 have called their Kairos retreat just that. Nearly every student attends the optional overnight retreat and returns with a deeper love of God, a greater appreciation for the experiences and feelings of their peers, and a more profound understanding of themselves. Graduates from decades ago still quote the way they felt on retreat and the lessons they learned as teenagers as among their most memorable and formative experiences.


Trinity students spend one half day at the beginning of the school year taking the PSAT, while their public-school counterparts spend significant classroom time preparing for and taking the Keystone Exams. These tests are not considered by college admissions, but nevertheless consume classroom time, student attention, and teacher resources. Their absence at Trinity allows teachers freedom to cater to the needs and interests of their classes and it keeps students focused on their own education. Our students do take the SAT on their own time, though, and in 2019, the last year where data has been provided by the state of PA, Trinity outscored every public and private school in the area.


Trinity has a full-time strength and conditioning coach on staff to work with each of our teams on developing safe and effective weight room habits. This work helps our student-athletes perform better on the court and field, while also helping them to prevent injuries in training and competition.


The Trinity Leadership Institute aims to build on our students’ abilities, convictions, and values to grow leaders who are confident, ethical, and capable. In addition to having extensive leadership opportunities at Trinity which allows students to gain experience, the Trinity Leadership Institute brings in community leaders each month to speak to students on an aspect of leadership.


Trinity’s Great Books program is modeled after programs at the college level and has seen students reading some of the most complex texts in literature one-on-one with faculty mentors. Our program uses well-crafted, multicultural selections that connect to our established curriculum while offering enrichment opportunities and gives students insight into other cultures and experiences through the diverse voices from across the world.


Students, alumni, parents, and teachers all come back to one idea when describing Trinity: family. As a community we learn together, root for each other, and pray for one another by name. At Trinity you’ll find dedicated faculty, a tight-knit student group, and a family atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else. Once a Shamrock, always a Shamrock!

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