The Trinity High School House System was launched in 2018 with the purpose of furthering the mission and ministry of the school, giving students more support and ownership of their educational experience, and strengthening school spirit and community. Trinity’s House System builds character, relationships, and school spirit through focus on smaller communities, friendly competition, and integration of various grade levels.


The House System seemingly divides students by placing them in one of four Houses, all of which are named after a saint or religious order which has contributed to the field of education, all of which have a tie to Trinity historically and spirituality. Each House is further divided into Mentor Groups of about 15 students in grades 9 through 12, which meet daily to check in with one another, encourage their peers, and discuss issues they face at school, at home, and in society.  This division creates smaller groups with stronger bonds, ultimately unifying the school.


The House System aims to nurture a vibrant school spirit, inspire excellence, foster faith, and encourage leadership. Students are the driving force behind the House System—two captains lead the school, a captain leads each of the four Houses, and students chair groups responsible for planning activities, organizing service projects, and planning spiritual ministry. Through these roles, students not only take on an active role in their high school experience but nurture the qualities that will benefit them in college and beyond.

Trinity Houses

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“Trinity has come together and grown as a family, not just inside the school, but also when we leave, in part because of the House System. Personally, I have broken out of my shell and taken on more responsibility and leadership roles as a result of the opportunities in Trinity’s House System.”

–Jaylin McHugh-Moore ’21, School Captain

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