John Cominsky, the Principal of Trinity High School, plans to walk 100 miles in 72 hours around the new track at COBO Field to raise money for ongoing building projects at the school.

Mr. Cominsky began walking/training in June of 2022 as a project to improve his health, which was severely impacted by hospitalization related to COVID-19 in January of 2021. To date, he has lost 55 pounds in eight months by walking an average of 10 miles each day.  As he walked, he began to think about how he could use this exercise to support Trinity and involve his community in this healthy practice.

Trinity is accepting flat donations or donations by the mile. Mr. Cominsky will walk the new track at COBO Field from Friday, April 14, through Sunday, April 16. Students, faculty, parents, and alumni can join him and walk as many miles as they would like. The entire student body will complete one lap with Mr. Cominsky on April 14 as part of the annual Field Day.

Funds collected will support planned building projects at Trinity, and a percentage of the donations will be tithed to support Saint Francis Soup Kitchen in Harrisburg.

t-shirt order

Order your t-shirt for the event below. The suggested minimum donation to order a t-shirt is $20. Complete the form as many times as necessary to order the correct number of t-shirts you require.

Thank you for your support of this event!

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The suggested minimum donation per t-shirt is $20. Donate via the form above or mail your donation to 3601 Simpson Ferry Rd, Camp Hill, PA 17011.

sponsor by the mile

Sponsor Mr. Cominsky by the mile. Indicate your donation per mile through the form below. After the event, we will contact you with your pledge amount.

If you pledge $5 and Mr. Cominsky walks 100 miles, you agree to donate $500 to Trinity.


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Use the form below to indicate when you will be coming to the track at COBO Field to join Mr. Cominsky in as many laps as you wish to complete.

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