International Student Program

Trinity is proud to offer an International Student Program. This program invites students from a variety of countries. Recently we’ve had students from Australia, China, South Korea, Spain, Vietnam, and France, come to study at Trinity. This experience is immersive for the foreign students, requiring them to strengthen English language skills (if English is their non-native language), expand their knowledge of American culture, and engage with Trinity’s high academic standards.

From the perspective of Trinity students and families, having international students allows for an otherwise unknown richness to enhance our school. International students bring their customs, experiences, and global perspectives into our students’ lunch tables, classroom discussions, and even homes. International students typically stay with families in the Trinity community, giving your family the opportunity to form a deep relationship with a student of another culture.

Interested applicants for Trinity High School’s International Student Program should contact Monique Abbas at or 717-761-1116.

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