Summer Assignments


Anatomy & Physiology

Please study Chapter 2 Basic Chemistry and Chapter 3 Cells and Tissues from the A&P text book. The majority of this will be review from your Biology and Chemistry class. You will be tested on both chapters on Thursday, August 29. Your understanding of this material, and success in this test, is essential to the remainder of the year. 


AP European History (11th/12th grade elective)
Students will receive an email with specifics. Students are to: Purchase textbook (only a small few books can be loaned from the school on an as-needed basis), read chapters 1-4 and complete the take home test (to be turned in the first day of school), join the Google Classroom (a link will be emailed at a later date), read chapter 5 in your textbook and create 3 AP style multiple choice question, and 1 AP style short answer question (rubrics will be sent in a later email).


Freshmen English
All freshman students (basic, academic, and honors) will read Animal Farm by George Orwell. The assignment is due the first week of school in August. There is no written assignment.
Academic English 3

All students are to read Frankenstein by Mary W. Shelley. A written assignment will be completed at the beginning of the school year.

Honors English 3

Read Little Bee by Chris Cleave, and Witness for the Prosecution by Agatha Christie (preferably the play version not the novella). Students need to read these books by the end of August. There is no written assignment.

AP English

Read Catch 22 by Joseph Heller, and Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut. The novels are to be read by the end of August. There is no written assignment.

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