Partnerships & Professor In Residence

Trinity High School is proud to have secured college partnerships for our students, guaranteeing our students acceptance and merit-based scholarships. Also included in some of our agreements, are acceptance into entry-level programs, including: Doctor of Physical Therapy, Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Master of Speech-Language Pathology, Engineering, and Physician’s Assistant, given they meet certain GPA and SAT/ACT requirements. We are also blessed to offer a Professor in Residence program, in conjunction with Saint Francis University, so Trinity students can make the most of their time in high school and begin to explore college-level courses in accounting, computer science, engineering, health science, marketing, and public health.

With 98% of Trinity students advancing to post-secondary education, college acceptance and the financial means to attend are on the minds of nearly every Trinity student. It is our hope that these partnerships ease some of the worry associated with the process by students and families the knowledge of their acceptance and merit-based assistance to a fine institution. Furthermore, Trinity is proud to endorse these faith-based colleges and universities with the knowledge that these institutions will care for students as we have done–developing students in mind, body, and spirit.

College and University Partners


To learn more about these colleges, the opportunities they offer, and how to take advantage of Trinity’s partnership with them, visit Trinity’s Guidance Department, or send them an email.

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