Trinity High School is blessed with countless students who are talented, engaging, and involved. Below are features of just a few noteworthy members of our community.

Jaylin McHugh-Moore ’21

by Hanna Salus ’21 (Loyola House)

Jaylin McHugh-Moore ’21 works alongside Ryan Crowell as Trinity’s School Captain for the 2020-2021 school year. In addition to serving as a leader of the school, Jaylin also plays an important role on the decorated Girls Basketball team.  As a freshman on the varsity team, she learned to step up and be a leader for students older than her as well as her own age. This was especially helped along by her position as point guard, which essentially runs the team’s offense. In her junior and senior years Jaylin was selected as captain which taught her “how to interact with all types of people.” These skills have helped Jaylin succeed as the leader of Trinity’s House System

As captain, Jaylin works with  Sister Susan and Ryan Crowell to plan events such as the first days of school and Homecoming.  This trio has “great chemistry and different ideas so we bring great diversity to the House System”. This year the activities are different than in previous years, but Jaylin hopes to be able to return to all-school activities in the second semester. She’s especially hoping to  “make the most out of the pandemic with activities like Prom and the powderpuff games.”  After Trinity, Jaylin wants to apply her leadership skills to a major in international business.

Jade Scipioni ’01

Though Jade Scipioni ’01 describes herself as “not exactly ‘most likely to succeed’ in high school,” she always believed in herself and when she left Trinity, she went to New York with the goal of becoming a journalist. Despite her “average grades and mediocre basketball skills” she was determined to become a success.

Jade began her career covering courtroom trials for Court TV, with her first major assignment as a rookie being the Anna Nicole Smith paternity case in Ft. Lauderdale, followed by the OJ Simpson robbery case in Las Vegas. After an interim period at CBS News’ “The Early Show,” covering stories like Captain Phillips, “the Miracle on the Hudson,” Drew Peterson, the 2008 financial crisis, and the presidential election, Jade was back to covering true crime at Court TV, but this time as the lead content producer. Here, she covered the Casey Anthony trial and Michael Jackson’s wrongful death trial.

Jade went on to work for Bloomberg News doing international business reporting, followed by reporting for FOX Business. Here she landed on-camera interviews with major CEOs from Tyson Foods, General Mills, Anheuser-Busch, Aramark and Epic Records. She also discovered a knack for working with athletes, and interviewed a slew of them including Joe Montana, Rob Gronkowski, Chris Paul, Brett Favre, Drew Brees, Emmitt Smith, Tony Hawk, Simone Biles and Maria Sharapova.

She also had one-one-one celebrity interviews with Steve Harvey, Drew Barrymore, Christie Brinkley, Montel Williams, and Martha Stewart. Her interview with Martha Stewart stands out to her as particularly significant because it was her “first big one-on-one interview” and her grandmother had “idolized Stewart” when Jade was growing up. She had often read her magazines and watched her TV show, so to see her in real life was surreal. Looking back, Jade wishes she had asked better questions, but the interview was a “game changer” because it brought more big interviews.

As a reporter, Jade “loves reporting on health and environmental issues” and likes “asking corporate bigwigs the tough questions” without being afraid to ruffle feathers. When she looks back on her time at Trinity, her fondest memories are of playing basketball, volleyball, and going on Kairos because it allowed her to get to know her classmates more deeply. She also remembers having a lot of fun in high school, because while she was “no valedictorian or beauty queen,” she always knew “how to have a great time and be myself. Still do!”

Ryan Crowell ’21 (De La Salle House)

by Hanna Salus ’21 (Loyola House)

Ryan Crowell (De La Salle ‘21) is one of this year’s co-captains for the House System, Trinity’s governing system that emphasizes student leadership.  Alongside Jaylin McHugh-Moore (Loyola ‘21), Ryan is the “first person of contact for all the students to bring their ideas or concerns.” He is “a bridge between the students and administration.” This “bridge” has proven to be extremely beneficial to the Trinity community.  Students feel they actually have a say in what events are planned. Adopting the House System in place of a student council has opened up countless leadership opportunities, ranging from coordinators in Mentor Group Leaders to School Captains.

Representing the entire student body to parents and the school administration is a tough job on its own, and COVID-19 regulations have deepened these difficulties.  Ryan strives to make a COVID-dominated school environment as normal as possible, coming up with new events and reworking old events to fit the safety regulations.  He says one of the main struggles this year is planning events perfectly so as to be approved by administrators. Although COVID has created unprecedented challenges, Ryan thoroughly enjoys most aspects of his job.  I call it a job because of his extreme dedication to this position, spending countless hours over the summer working with Sister Susan to give the class of 2020 a graduation, organizing book drop-offs, and planning the first few days of school.  He was a key part in making sure everything went smoothly.  Ryan enjoys the responsibility he’s been given and the role model position he has taken up.  He enjoys that the administration trusts and respects him to create fun events for Trinity High School this year. 

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