Trinity High School is blessed with countless students who are talented, engaging, and involved. Below are features of just a few noteworthy students.

Patrick Walker ’19 (Loyola House)
Scholar & Athlete

“Attending Trinity allowed me to carry on the Walker Family tradition started by my grandfather. Trinity gave me a well-rounded education that led to being accepted into some very competitive universities while also accomplishing my dream of playing basketball in college. I look forward to being an awesome teammate at Hobart College and being involved in the college community.”

On support at Trinity
Trinity has given me the foundation of a true Catholic education and the life skills that I would not have gotten elsewhere. I’ve also made life-long friendships that I will always value. Trinity has given me a better learning experience because of smaller class sizes and the friendships that I have forged with teachers. Trinity has also helped me expand my faith through the influences of mentors like Fr. Sahd, Mr. Boia, and Mrs. Fejfar.
On his future
My goal was to play college basketball and Trinity helped me do that with the lessons I’ve learned through the stellar leadership from Coach Larry Kostelac, Jr. and the coaching staff. At Hobart, I will be playing on the men’s varsity basketball team while also studying economics. My goals include finding employment to support my lofty aspirations and to start a family.

Katie Zak
Scholar & Artist

“At Trinity I was able to grow academically while also pursuing my passion for ballet. I am now headed to Indiana University Jacobs School of Music to pursue my goal of dancing for a professional ballet company!”

On support at Trinity
Because Trinity is such a small school, it was easier to find where I socially fit in and find a good group of friends who supported me. During my sophomore year, Trinity really supported me artistically because they were able to work with my academic schedule so I was able to leave school to take morning ballet classes. With that, I was able to keep my academic focus while also pursing my passion: training to become a better dancer. I attended three years of classes at the Kennedy Center, in Washington D.C., and missed school to do this.

On her future
I will be attending Indiana University in Bloomington, Jacobs School of Music to study ballet performance and get a minor in business and communications. My goals after college are to join a professional ballet company and become a professional dancer.


Sam Predmore ’19 (Immaculata House)
Scholar & Conservationist

“Trinity helped me spread my passion for sustainable agriculture, which I hope to continue pursuing when I attend University of Pittsburgh Honors College next year.”


Sam Predmore has been involved with Leadership Education And Farming (LEAF), for three years. Through this program, youth leaders build a local healthy food system alongside farmers and chefs over eight-weeks. This involves planting, harvesting, packaging, marketing and preparing the produce. Sam was named an Assistant Crew Leader after his first summer with the program. Learn more about LEAF and Sam’s involvement with it in this segment he did on Smart Talk in August of 2018.

On his work with LEAF

“One thing that was really appealing to me about LEAF was that you get to learn about the food system…before LEAF I didn’t know much about raising plants. I wanted to learn more about the complete process of the food system. I really enjoy hard farm work, surprisingly.”

On the Trinity community

“The Trinity community has always pushed me to do the best I can. That push can come from many places, like my friends and coaches at track practice, or my teachers in the classroom, but it’s always there.”

Lulu Jiang ’19 (De La Salle House)
Scholar and World Citizen

“As an international student, I came to Trinity knowing I’d need to improve my English speaking skills to excel academically and socially. I was immediately immersed in school and have been able to take many academically challenging classes that focus on business. I am excited to continue my study in the U.S. at Rutgers University.”

On support at Trinity:

As an international student, I had some problems with English language during my sophomore year, but the teachers at Trinity were willing to help me to improve my English skills and solve my academic difficulties. There is no doubt that my English improved a lot during the academic years at Trinity. Plus, there were many sports I could participate in at Trinity. I participated in Track and Field, where I made lots of friends. In addition, I am glad that we learned economics in senior year because it helped me decide what I want to do in the future.

 On what she’ll miss about Trinity:

I will miss the teachers who have taught me. I will miss the time I spent in high school, especially my friends and the House system.

Naomi Tegene ’19 (De La Salle House)
Scholar and Philanthropist

“At Trinity, my role in Mini-THON has led me to become passionate about giving back to our community. I will continue helping those in need throughout my future career in Nursing at Villanova University.”

 On ways Trinity supported her:

Trinity has fostered an environment in which I have been able to grow spiritually in my relationship with God, as well as individually as a person. Over the last four years, Trinity has provided me with an exceptional education which I will carry with me and cherish for the rest of my life. Trinity has also instilled in me the importance of service and giving back to my community.


On how Trinity has helped her reach her goals:

My teachers and mentors at Trinity have challenged me to do my best in all my endeavors. They have helped me develop a strong work ethic, time-management skills, and determination, all of which are skills that have aided me in reaching goals in various aspects of my life. Our teachers and faculty at Trinity support each student unconditionally in every endeavor and genuinely want every student to reach their spiritual, academic, athletic, and personal goals. Being part of the Trinity community means being part of a reliable, family-like support system filled with individuals who are devoted to helping students succeed and reach their goals.

Jeff Miekley ’19 (Seton House)
Scholar and Patriot


“At Trinity, I was able to expand my knowledge and learn to work hard to achieve my goals.  This will help me when I continue my education at Widener University and work to become an officer in the United States Army.”

On support at Trinity:

Over my past four years at Trinity, I have been able to take a variety of different courses from honors to AP to electives that have helped me to expand my knowledge.   Being able to take classes like AP Biology and Anatomy & Physiology concurrently has helped me to acquire a solid foundation for my future career in medicine.

I’ve been provided the opportunity to go to Mass and adoration each month as well as to take theology each year which has focused on numerous topics that have helped increase my knowledge and strengthen my faith. The community service requirement has impressed upon me my duty to use my time and talents to give back to my community. I’ve learned the importance of finding some meaningful service that I can sustain beyond my time at Trinity.

Athletically, I’ve made some of the best memories while having fun and excelling on the field with some of my best friends.  Lastly, Trinity has given me the chance to meet some amazing people and create friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime.


On his future:

This fall I will be attending Widener University to study biology. I will also be playing on the men’s soccer team and will be a cadet in their Army ROTC program. After college, I hope to be able to go to medical school while serving as an officer in the United States Army.  I hope to have a career in medicine and in the army.

Clare Dailey ’19 (Immaculata House)
Scholar & Leader

“Trinity provided an environment for me to grow as a leader on the field, in the classroom, and in my day-to-day life. I plan on taking this same positive leadership mindset to Colgate University where I will be majoring in biology.”


On her education at Trinity:
The challenging academic schedule of Trinity kept me engaged and it motivated me to work hard. Kairos offered me time to get away, grow closer to my classmates, and improve spiritually. Trinity offered an abundance of extracurriculars to keep me involved and active. For the past 4 years, Trinity has been a stable source of peers and teachers who were there to help, support, and encourage me as I pursued my goals.


On what she’ll miss:
I will miss the positive environment of my classes at Trinity, the great teachers that have taught me, and the friendships I have made here.

Giana Abbas Earns Perfect ACT Score

Giana Abbas ’20 (Seton House) earned a perfect score on her ACT. Gina scored a 36 on each of the four portions of the ACT (English, reading, math, and science), giving her a composite score of 36. This feat is achieved by only one-tenth of one percent of the 2 million students who take the exam.

At Trinity, Giana is involved with a number of clubs and activities, including, speech and debate, mock trial, pep club, prom committee, and Community Voices Together (a service program with pairs students with special needs at Cumberland Valley High School, with “buddies” from Trinity High School). Giana also competed on the tennis team, was vice president of the astronomy club, and was an activity representative. Next year she will take on the role of Mentor Group Leader in Trinity’s House System.

Giana credits “challenging AP and honors courses and the workload at Trinity” for helping her to prepare for the ACT and for college. Before Trinity, Giana attended Saint Joseph School, in Mechanicsbug. She plans to study computer science in college, and is currently interested in the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.


Ms. Jan Kiker Wins a Golden Apple Award

Faculty member, Ms. Jan Kiker, has earned the distinction of being awarded the Golden Apple, by the Diocese of Harrisburg. This excellence in teaching award is given to seven Diocesan teachers annually.

Ms. Kiker has been a faculty member at Trinity High School since 1979, teaching math and computer applications during her tenure. She has also coached Track and Field, and has moderated a number of “spirit” clubs, such as the prom committee and pep club. These clubs allow her to mentor students in one of the areas where she excels: remembering others. Ms. Kiker has, for years, celebrated every student before they compete in athletics, every faculty member on their birthday. and any member of the community on achievements great and small.

Most significantly, Ms. Kiker participates in a “ministry of presence”. She attends every concert, every performance, and every athletic event in which Trinity students are involved. While not the loudest fan, her unwavering support is always noticed and always appreciated.

Ms. Kiker was “humbled and grateful” by the award, while faculty, alumni, and students commended her as a “gift” and the “heart of Trinity.” Join us in congratulating Ms. Kiker for this recognition!

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