Trinity High School is blessed with countless students who are talented, engaging, and involved. Below are features of just a few noteworthy members of our community.

Immaculata House Captain: Caroline Cunningham ’24

by Danielle Notz, Immaculata House Communications Coordinator

Loyola House Captain: Maya Caicedo ’23

by Mallory Brandt ’23, Loyola House Communications Coordinator

Maya Caicedo is the 2022-2023 Loyola House Captain. She is a part of many extracurricular activities such as lacrosse and horse show team. Along with her important role as house captain, she serves as the THON liaison, captain of the lacrosse team, and the Vice President of the Biomedical Club at Trinity. She is also in Spanish Club, Key Club, Social Justice Committee, and is a member of Heritage Acres Stables riding team.

Leading into the new school year, Maya is very excited to step into her role as house captain. She says the house system is really important to making our school come together. Planning and coordinating activities in the Loyola House and school is something she enjoys. Friendly competitions such as Family Feud, an event planned by Maya, is an example of the House System bringing others in the Trinity community together. An important skill she has learned as house captain is time management, and always being prepared for any outcome possible.

Looking forward to the future, Maya hopes to see mentor groups within the house come together more, and she is already starting to accomplish this by planning tournaments and games among each mentor group. After graduation, Maya plans on attending college with a Chemistry or Bio-Chemistry major to become a dermatologist. She will continue to serve her community, church, and Trinity through her efforts as school captain. Maya hopes for a great year, and for Loyola to win the house cup. Go Lions!

De La Salle House Captain: Justin Gist ’23

by Olivia Hippensteel ’24, De La Salle House Communications Coordinator

Every year younger students step into the shoes of their older peers and become student-leaders. For De La Salle House, the new communications coordinator is me, Olivia Hippensteel! I’m excited to help share the news of events going on in our school and events in De La Salle house. My first post is introducing you to our House Captain, Justin Gist. I talked with Justin about his plans for the year and gained insight into what he hopes for Trinity’s 2022-2023 school year.

Justin informed me that he had two key reasons for running for De La Salle captain: he wanted to become more involved with the school, instead of being a bystander, and he wanted to learn more about himself. This year, there are many goals he wants to accomplish but he especially wants to focus on involving others. Justin loves De La Salle House because the individuality of its students brings a combined enthusiasm that spreads throughout the whole house. In fact, De La Salle’s record of winning the house cup three times proves that! After his time is done at Trinity, Justin plans to attend NYU and major in Law so he can bring justice to others. Even though it is only October, Justin Gist has already made strides in the Trinity Community and we have no doubt that he will continue to do so.

Seton House Captain: Juliette Sohonage ’23

by Michalene Miekley ’23, Seton Communications Coordinator

Juliette Sohonage ‘23 is Seton House Captain, and a former part of the S8 mentor group, led by Madame Zellers. She has played lacrosse for Trinity since her freshman year and joined the Trinity field hockey club team this year, a sport which she has enjoyed returning to after playing field hockey all through middle school. In addition to sports, Juliette is a part of Challengers Baseball Buddies where she helps and teaches disabled children to play baseball. She has been a part of Challengers for the past three years and it is something very close to her because it is so rewarding seeing the players succeed and learn. She also volunteers at the Yocum Institute for the Arts, which she also loves because she is very fond of the arts, even though she may not be the best at them!

Juliette is currently on her college search and in addition to 7 colleges that she has already applied to, she is applying early-decision to Washington and Lee University, which has been her dream school since she was 8. She says that it has been very rewarding to see her hard work at Trinity finally paying off by allowing her to apply to schools that she has loved since she was very young. She plans on majoring in either history, political, science, Latin, or women and gender studies in college. This is because she wants to attend law school and thinks that these studies would benefit her in that field. Also, Juliette wants to use these studies to inform, support, and help people.

She explained that her freshman year was very influential in securing her admiration for the house system and made her want to be part of the system that is so welcoming and that brings the whole school together. The moment she walked into her mentor group, all of her worries about her classes, grades, sports, and the next 4 years faded away. She enjoyed being able to forget about her stress and have fun for at least 12 minutes a day. She has seen how the house system ensures nobody falls through the cracks and everyone feels like a part of our school.

This year, she wants to continue making the house system a place for everyone no matter their interests. And of course, get Seton another House Cup win! She plans on contributing to the welcoming community that Seton creates and initiating activities that highlight everyone’s interests and talents. She also wants to instill a sense of hardworking attitude in her Seton leaders to encourage all of them to do their best this year.

School Captains: Lauren Shook and Ben Frantz

New Co-Chaplain: Father Matt Cannon

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